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Welcome to Coral Class!


 I hope you all had a fantastic summer holiday!


This term our topic question is: ' How can we rediscover the wonders of Ancient Egypt?'  Have a look at some of the questions your children have generated, which will form the basis for our learning.   Also attached is a copy of the autumn newsletter and curriculum map.  As the term progresses I will keep you updated regularly.



Class charter 2017-2018

Homework - Making and Researching Canopic jars or Beam scales

Investigating solubility in Science

Exploring Tutankhamen's tomb

Today we explored Tutankhamen's tomb as if we were Howard Carter.  We had to describe what we saw, how we felt and imagine what we might have touched, smelt and heard.  We are going to use the experience to write first person diary entries.

Science - Investigating Gases

Science - Investigating solids and liquids

Lego challenge - Building Djoser step pyramid

Working Together challenge

Protect the ice cube challenge

Practising our Roman army marching and manoeuvres - complete with latin instructions!


We had a lovely day to the Roman Baths - even if it was a little busy.  We learnt lots of information as we walked around the baths and then we had a workshop, where we got to handle Roman artefacts and even dress up in a toga!


20th June: World Refugee Day.

Today we have been continuing to build on our work this year understanding and looking at the lives of refugees. In class we have thought about what is needed to build a great community and how we can help refugees to become part of our community.  Our tableau pictures below demonstrate some of the qualities we think every community needs. We realised very quickly we needed other people to help us to make things work!

FITNESS FUN WEEK - 22nd May 2017

Exploring portion size and sugar in food

Hoola Hooping

Learning about how exercise affects our pulse through dance

Investigating body facts and body fiction

Investigating whether people with the longest legs can jump the furthest

Upper school skipping

Investigating the effects of exercise on pulse rate

Take a look at our fabulous shields we have made!


WOW! Coral class were all very innovative with their homework, which was to create a representation of the solar system. We had a variety of mobiles and models (including rotating ones!), posters, artwork, computer programmes, web pages and cake!!! Each unique and well researched. The children said not only did they enjoy doing it but they learnt something too. Brilliant Coral I was so impressed.

Creating Abstract Space art inspired by the artist Peter Thorpe.

Learning about the orbits of the earth and moon around the sun.

We had a great afternoon yesterday with Stingrays and the Happy Puzzle Company exploring solving problems together and teamwork.

Science Demonstration afternoon.

WOW! What a fantastic afternoon we had today watching a gases and air Science afternoon at St Mary's School.  Lots of loud bangs, smoke, chemicals and information.  We learnt lots about gases and air, reversible and irreversible changes.  It was fantastic and we all really enjoyed ourselves.  See the photos below.

Our first day in Coral

What a fantastic first day we have had.  We have spent the day team building and exploring how we would like our class to get along together.  We have done several team building activities, but I think the one we have enjoyed most was building a capsule to protect our eggs when they were dropped from a height!! In this activity we had to cooperate with our group, listening & responding to each others ideas, which we all did really well.  As a result 2 groups successfully managed to keep their eggs safe when dropped and the other 4 groups only had minor cracks and spillage!  This activity also taught us that whilst each group had different ideas we all succeeded in the challenge, something that we can take forward into our learning ahead.

Team building challenges

9th June 2016 Victorian Day to celebrate 175th anniversary of school


 Monday:We have had a great day today. This morning we made Aboriginal masks with Mrs Cardozo and this afternoon we made recycled jewellery with Mrs Edmondson. In addition we have also started on a 'Textures of Wood' class wall art.

Tuesday: Today we have been doing art inspired by Antony Gormley with Mrs Appleby.  We have been looking at the shape and form of our silhouettes.

Wednesday: This morning we created collage trees to represent the four seasons.  This afternoon we have been portrait sketching with Mrs. Beedle.  You could of heard a pin drop, it was so quiet with the concentration!!

Thursday: We have made fir cone woodland creatures this morning. Not as easy as it sounds - the fir cones were much harder than expected!! This afternoon we marbled paper and used leaves to print calico - we need to wait till tomorrow to see the results of this.

Friday: Today we have been painting canvas with Mrs. Hogwood.  We learnt about colour mixing with a very limited palette and produced some amazing paintings.

Marbling and Printing

Fir cone Creatures

Fir cone Creatures 1
Fir cone Creatures 2
Fir cone Creatures 3
Fir cone Creatures 4
Fir cone Creatures 5
Fir cone Creatures 6
Fir cone Creatures 7
Fir cone Creatures 8
Fir cone Creatures 9
Fir cone Creatures 10
Fir cone Creatures 11
Fir cone Creatures 12
Fir cone Creatures 13
Fir cone Creatures 14

Aboriginal clay masks

Aboriginal clay masks 1
Aboriginal clay masks 2
Aboriginal clay masks 3
Aboriginal clay masks 4
Aboriginal clay masks 5
Aboriginal clay masks 6
Aboriginal clay masks 7
Aboriginal clay masks 8
Aboriginal clay masks 9
Aboriginal clay masks 10
Aboriginal clay masks 11

Jewellery Making

Jewellery Making 1
Jewellery Making 2
Jewellery Making 3
Jewellery Making 4
Jewellery Making 5
Jewellery Making 6
Jewellery Making 7
Jewellery Making 8
Jewellery Making 9

Wall art - Textures of Wood

Wall art - Textures of Wood 1
Wall art - Textures of Wood 2
Wall art - Textures of Wood 3
Wall art - Textures of Wood 4
Wall art - Textures of Wood 5