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Art Week- Celtic Art Paintings

Art Week: Water Colours with Tim Scott Bolton

Art Week: Celtic Art- making pigment

Ice-cream Tasting

Our Incredible Rainforest Dioramas


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Our Zoolab friends: Corny the corn snake; Fluffy the tarantula; Rex the bearded dragon; Ron the cockroach; Hoppy the tree-frog; and the mice family (Baby, Mummy and Daddy).

Classifying sweets in Science

Happy New Year! I hope you have had a great start to 2018.


This half term we will be studying the Amazon rainforest and our key topic questions are: 'Does it always rain in the rainforest?'  and 'Who relied on the Amazon in the past?'   


Below are some of the questions the Stingrays have asked, which will form the basis for our learning.  Also attached is a copy of the spring newsletter and curriculum map.  


We have now started our Reading Challenging and our creative homework project- which is to make a model of the rainforest strata. If you have any questions about these, please do ask.


Best wishes,


Vicky Gambier

Bovington Tank Museum Drill.mp4

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Bovington Tank Museum Drill 2.MOV

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Bovington Tank Museum Anderson shelter.mp4

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Bovington Tank Museum Air raid siren.MOV

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Stingray WWII Homework Project- due Monday 11th December

Anderson Shelters Homework

Stingrays have been very busy creating an impressive range of model Anderson shelters for their World War II topic homework. The design ideas from the children have been truly innovative and the quality of their construction has been outstanding. The children have really enjoyed sharing their constructions with each other and participating in testing their shelters for strength and water resistance.


Thank you so much for supporting us with this challenging project; it has really enriched the children's understanding of the importance of Anderson shelters during World War II.

Investigating Irreversible Changes

Welcome to Stingray Class!


I hope you have all have had a wonderful summer. Stingray class are really excited to be starting our WWII history topic and are looking forward to be learning about the Home Front, Evacuation, The Blitz and The Battle of Britain.


Attached below are copies of the documents which I will be sharing with you at our Meet the Teacher session on Thursday 14th September:

a copy of our autumn welcome letter outlining key class information for the start of the year; our Stingray class charter; our autumn curriculum map; and our first topic based homework project.


Please keep checking our page for more information about our learning as we will be updating it regularly.


Best wishes,


Miss Gambier

Debating Skills

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