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Our Governors

Welcome to the Governors page.

We are a board of 12 dedicated individuals comprising members of the school community, church, staff and parents. Achieving the best possible experiences and outcomes for all children at Semley School lies at the heart of what we do and is our guiding principle in all our decisions.


Along with the headteacher, we set the strategic vision of the school, ensure the finances are well managed, the curriculum is delivered, performance and progress is monitored, the best staff are recruited, the Christian ethos is upheld, policies are approved and the buildings are looked after.

We have full governing body meetings twice a term and all governors serve on at least one of the three sub committees which also meet twice termly – these are 1. Finance 2. Curriculum, Staffing and Admissions and 3. Premises. Governors bring to the role a wide range of skills, backgrounds and interests. We know the school well, visit regularly and attend training sessions to keep up to date with the ever changing world of education.


The governors are allocated different responsibilities; all are linked to a particular class, and some governors have other areas of responsibility such as for a curriculum subject, Special Educational Needs or safeguarding. Governors visit their link classes whenever possible, helping out and getting to know the children. Through meetings with the headteacher, staff and pupils, governors monitor the school’s performance and its school improvement programme.


We have a clerk to assist us in setting agendas, taking minutes and ensuring that the Governing Board fulfils all its statutory duties. If you would like to contact any of the governors please do so through the school office.


Harriet Egerton

Chair of Governors



Picture 1 Harriet Egerton, Chair of Governors
Picture 2 John Eustace, Vice Chair
Picture 3 Simon Baddeley, Chair of Curriculum & Staffing
Picture 4 Gerry Purdue, Chair of Premises Committee
Picture 5 Laura Miles, Chair of Finance Committee
Picture 6 Mary Anne Mackaness, Foundation Governor
Picture 7 Karen Pitman, Foundation Governor
Picture 8 Jo Smith, Staff Governor
Picture 9 Stuart Asbury, Associate Governor
Picture 10 Rev. Richard Warhurst, Ex-offcio Foundation Gov
Picture 11 Julia Stokes, Headteacher
Picture 12 Sam Purdie, Associate (Staff) Governor
Picture 13 Rachel Prophet, Clerk to the Governors

Governor Profiles  


Harriet Egerton – Foundation Governor (Chair of Governors)

Committees: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions; Premises; Finance.

Class link: Stingrays

I live on the edge of Semley and have 2 daughters at the school.  I love being involved and feel very proud of our thriving happy school. My background is in property and agriculture.


John Eustace – Parent governor (Vice-Chair of Governors)

Committee: Finance

Class link: Turtles

I live in Semley and two of my children attend the school.  I am a teacher in a specialist college for students with Asperger’s and ASD.  I teach Computing and Digital Design.


Simon Baddeley – LA governor

Committee: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions (Chair)

Class link: Swordfish


Gerry Purdue – Foundation governor

Committee: Premises (Chair)

Class link: Coral Reef

Scientist – retired after thirty three years in the oil industry. I am active in church life and am a local parish councillor. I have a particular interest in supporting youth activities and I enjoy coming into school to help in class and to do ‘Open the Book’ assemblies.


Laura Miles – Associate governor 

Committee: Finance (Chair)

Class link: Starfish

Subject link: English

I have lived in the area for 8 years and have 4 children, 2 of whom have been to Semley School.  My background is in TV, PR and marketing. 


Fr Richard Warhurst – Foundation governor, Ex-officio

Committee: Premises

Class link: Stingrays

I am an ex officio Foundation Governor of the school as Rector of the Benefice of St Bartholomew – which is comprised of six local Church of England churches.  I live in Semley village and I have two young children.


Evis Holliman – Foundation governor

Committee: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions

Class link: Swordfish

Responsibility for: Special Educational Needs (SEN)

I am a Foundation governor, we have lived in the area for 7 years, my husband is a retired Priest and helps at the Benefice services where we both worship. I am very passionate about education and love being involved in our lovely C of E school in Semley. We have three children and seven grandchildren.


Mary Anne Mackaness – Foundation governor

Committee: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions

Class link: Turtles

Responsibility for: Safeguarding

Foundation Governor at Semley School.  I have lived in the village for fourteen years and am involved with the village shop and the church.  I am married with three children, two at university and one at secondary school.  I have a local food business in Tisbury.


Karen Pitman – Foundation governor

Committee: Premises

Class link: Coral Reef

I have lived in the surrounding area all my life.  I am married to a local farmer who was a former pupil of Semley School.  We have two children who both came to Semley School.  I work at Ludwell School.


Briony Brickell - Parent governor

Committee: Premises, Curriculum

Class link: 


Jo Smith – Staff governor (Admin & Finance Officer)

Committee: Finance

Subject link: Maths


Julia Stokes – Ex-offio (Headteacher)

Committees: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions; Premises; Finance.


Sam Purdie – Associate governor (Deputy Headteacher)

Committee: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions


Stuart Asbury – Associate governor

Committee: Premises

Class link: Starfish

Before retirement, I farmed in Semley for thirty years.  My daughter is a former pupil.  I have strong connections with the church having been Churchwarden. As a former teacher I am keen to maintain my connections with education and I am a regular member of the ‘Open the Book’ assembly team.


Clerk to the governors - Rachel Prophet