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Welcome to Spring 2 Block D Week 1

Dear Kites,

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your families and are feeling relaxed and ready to start your new learning.

This half term, we have a new topic called Medieval Monarchs. It is a little gory at times but I'm sure you will enjoy that! I have also found some really fun lessons from Monkey World which might encourage some of you to become primatologists when you are older- it was one of my career choices when I was in year 6! 

I have written you a letter to explain everything and also recorded a video for you, so please watch it before you start.  

I hope you have a fantastic week and enjoy your new lessons. If you can, please email me to let me know what you have been up to- I miss hearing your news! 

Love Mrs Gambier


Please click here for Block D Week 1 Monday Welcome Video 22.2.21

Happy Half Term!

Well done super star Kites! You have made it to half term and I hope you are feeling incredibly proud of yourselves. I know it has been tough at times to keep going but you have shown such determination and strength. I am so grateful to your parents and grandparents for the amazing job they have done in teaching you- but I do hope I can have you back and be your teacher again soon!

I hope you all have a fantastic week together (hopefully sharing some pancakessmiley) and a proper break from your home learning.

Before you switch off for the holidays, here is this week's instalment of The Nowhere Emporium- I hope you enjoy it

Love Mrs Gambier



Hello Kites and welcome to the last week of this half term's home learning. I wish I could attach a fanfare sound and somehow set off some fireworks to show you how proud I am of how hard you have worked. However, I'm afraid you will just have to make do with a message from me smiley

I hope you have a really good last week of term, please check out the additional activities below- Drawing with Rob is particularly good- and come back on Friday for some more of The Nowhere Emporium.

Love Mrs Gambier


Block C Week 2 Monday Message     8.2.21


FRIDAY STORY WEEK 5      5.2.21

Happy Friday Kites!

I hope you all have had a brilliant week. It was lovely to speak to so many of you on Wednesday and catch up on your news. You have been working so hard and deserve a really relaxing weekend- maybe even with some snow to play with on Sunday!

 I hope you enjoy listening to the fifth instalment of The Nowhere Emporium.

Love Mrs Gambier 

Week 5 1.2.21 Block C Week 1

Dear Kites,

Below is a video welcoming you to week 5

and explaining your home learning.

There is a mistake for you to listen out for!

Please click to view and also read the letter for more details.

Love Mrs Gambier


Click here for welcome video 

Block C Home Learning Letter for Guidance

Block C Suggested Timetables (Including Oak Academy Links)

The Kites have had an exciting start to term with an unexpected mission to the Forbidden Territory. We pretended we were cartographers and we created our own maps for any future explorers. We have also been adventuring into our school grounds- identifying different varieties of trees and hunting for mini-beasts.


We have many more adventures ahead- please keep checking back to find out what else we have been up to!

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