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Our Birthday storytellers!

Today we learnt about how adaptation leads to evolution. We demonstrated how being tasty or attractive as prey was not good for survival and so animals need to adapt to avoid being eaten! Next, we investigated how polar bears are adapted to living in cold environments. We compared how long we could hold our hands in ice water for with and without a lard coating! We wee amazed at how much the lard kept out the cold!

As part of our geography unit, we conducted a traffic survey. We found more traffic than we were expecting!

We have started learning to touch type! We will be building our skills each week during morning work.

This term, we have been exploring circuits!

We had a special visitor today!


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We very much enjoyed gymnastics with Mrs Mills this morning!

A huge well done to Semley footballers! You played brilliantly this evening!

We had the best time with Adam this morning skateboarding!

On Friday, we made sketches comparing the Victorian parts of the school to the modern parts. We noticed details that we had never seen before!

In science this term we have been exploring light - here are some pictures of the work we've done so far!

This week we went and spent time with the Wrens - we had a brilliant time!

Welcome back! We are very excited to be starting a new year in Kites Class! Please see below for information about this term.

Today we were very excited to have a visit from author Sophie Kirtley. A few of us studied her book 'Wild Way Home' when we were in year 3 so we were particularly excited! Sophie was really inspiring and gave us some wonderful ideas for getting started with writing stories.

We had a wonderful (and very late!) trip to the theatre to see Around the World in 80 Days!

Well done to the Year 6s that completed Bikeability!

We had a wonderful afternoon at Bristol University learning about what the fossil record can tell us about evolution.

Mrs Stroud and myself are immensely proud of all the Year 6s. They have been absolute superstars this week and approached the SATs with a wonderful attitude!

Please see our topic map and class letter for this term.

We have created stop-motion animations to show coastal erosion - here is Max, Harry and Dorothy's one as an example. You can find the rest using the QR code in our books!

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World Book Day! Wow! What fantastic costumes!

We have been exploring the music and dance cultures from the past - from the swinging 60s to the cheesy 90s! We were challenged to create a 90s inspired dance routine - here are the results! 



A huge well done to our netball team! You played brilliantly at Shaftesbury School today - bonus points for not freezing!

We were inspired by Darwin's sketches from his voyage on HMS Beagle to create our own of Galapagos animals - here are our favourite!

Please see below for this term's topic map and class letter.

We are currently becoming multiplication masters!

Today we visited Shepton Mallet prison. When it closed in 2013, HMP Shepton Mallet was the oldest working prison in the country. We got to crawl inside a cell from the 1600s, which would have held 6 adults, it was rather cramped and dark! Luckily, we all made it back in one piece, as we don't fancy living there!

As part of our Crime and Punishment topic, we welcomed a visit from Wiltshire Police. We had lots of questions for them!!

We have been learning about the hard labour that Victorian prisoners would have had to complete 6 days every week! We were very tired after just a short time, the prisoners must have been exhausted!

We have been studying how to make our drawings look more 3D through the use of light and shadow

A huge thank you to our new Sports Ambassadors for their hard work today!

Kites ran an amazing 33 miles today! We're wishing Mrs Rumney lots of luck with her marathon next weekend!

This morning, Mrs Miles became a very strict warden and sent us all to prison! As our punishment, we had to dig holes in the field using a spoon. If our hole was satisfactory, we would be allowed a short break. In one hole, we found a treasure chest and a lizard! This gave us some clues as to the text we'll be studying in English this term: Holes!

What a wonderful week at The Beacon Centre! The children were all superstars and made me so proud!

Welcome back! We are so excited to be starting a new year in Kites. We have an adventurous few weeks ahead of us, with Year 6 going swimming and all of Year 5 and 6 off on residential! Please see below for this term's class letter and topic map.

Year 6 cooling off today!

On Friday Kites Class, planned, prepped, cooked and ate a wonderful 3 course meal!

Kites helped Year 1 do some amazing Andy Goldsworthy inspired Art

A huge well done the Semley Kwik Cricket team who competed against 6 other schools today. We came 3rd, winning 3 out 5 games, and showed fantastic team work and sportsmanship - well done!

Last Friday, we had the best time on our theatre trip! First we arrived at Poole park - where we had some delicious fish and chips and were swarmed by hungry seagulls! We also got some time to play in the park - Mrs Miles even went soaring off the end of the slide! Finally we went to see the wonderful Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World! It was a brilliant show and we all had big smiles on our faces throughout! The bus ride home was definitely quieter as our late night started to take it's toll!

Bikeability was a huge success!

As part of developing our working scientifically skills, we have been observing the changes that happen to a slice of bread over time. Our first experiment (leaving the bread on a windowsill uncovered) did not give us the results that we expected. We thought about what mould was and decided that we would redo the test with the bread sealed, to keep in the moisture. We are very pleased with our results - even if they're a bit smelly!

HOORAY!! We are just so so proud of the Year 6s who have been absolute superstars this week during SATs. You were all wonderful!

The Summer term is here already! I hope you all had a brilliant Easter holidays - it has been wonderful to see the children back this week and hear about their adventures. Our next topic is a bit of a mystery... please see our topic map for more details!

We had a shocking time!

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We kicked off science week with a wonderful workshop exploring static electricity - I'm sure you will love our new hair styles!

Exploring cube numbers!

Sunshine at last! We took our reading outside today :)

We took up the Red Nose Day Lego challenge to create our own habitats - we had lots of fun!

World Book Day! Well done for all of your fantastic outfits Kites!

Today we have been learning about Sir Isaac Newton's theory of light. We learnt how different colours have different wavelengths, and this means that they are refracted at different angles. This allows us to see all the colours that make up white light when directed through a prism. We also created out own colour wheels - we had varying degrees of success!

We have been exploring reflection by creating our own ray boxes and periscopes. We used these periscopes to try and spy on the other classes - unfortunately we're much better scientists than spies!!

This term we are learning how to use spreadsheets. We have begun by exploring Excel and learning how to use formulas to solve sums for us.

We have been exploring optical illusions caused by refraction of light

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Please see our class letter and topic map for this term!

Christmas Jumper Day - Merry Christmas everyone!

Mrs Miles set us a brief for building Anderson shelters - they had to be waterproof, fit a lego minifigure inside and hold 1kg of weight! They all came out fantastically!

To round off our learning about Henry Mooore, Briony came in to teach us about sculptures - we even had a go ourselves!

Children in Need - Crazy Hair!

Our wonderful trip back in time as evacuees at Nothe Fort!

We went over to the church to look at the features that we could see. We were particularly impressed with the stained-glass windows.

We have been exploring which materials are soluble and which are insoluble.

We have been continuing our learning about materials this term by testing to see which materials are a conductor and will complete a circuit.

We have kicked off our learning about materials in science by testing different materials to see if they were magnetic, transparent or permeable, as well as testing their hardness and flexibility.

This morning we got to go to Wrens - we were very excited to get messy and dress up!

Welcome back Kites!!


I am so pleased to be the new Kites Class teacher and can't wait for all the adventures that lay ahead of us! 


Please see below for our class letter and topic map for more details about this term. 


Mrs Miles smiley

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