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Welcome to Owls.

Dear Owls

I hope you have had a good week of home learning and I hope you have had a great day today doing some book related activities whilst celebrating World Book Day.  Click here to hear the final chapters of Jack Stalwart Race to Space Russia.  I really hope you enjoy it.  Not much longer till we can share stories again together in class. Have a fantastic weekend and....... SEE YOU ALL ON MONDAY!smileylaughsmiley

Love Mrs.Heavingham


To help celebrate World Book Day please click here to hear authors reading some of their favourite stories.

Good morning Owls

I hope you have had a great weekend.  Welcome to our last week of home learning - YOU DID IT.  Well done to you and your parents for being such stars with your home learning. I am so very proud of you all. smiley  So to our final week of home learning.  As always, as this is our second week of home learning you have all the resources you need, but I have uploaded a few additional activities which I hope you enjoy this week.  As it is World Book Day on Thursday they are all linked to these and hopefully you will find them exciting.  Please let me know what you get upto.  This week I will upload the last part of our story on Thursday so if you would like to listen to it on Thursday evening in your pyjamas with a mug of hot chocolate we can all pretend we are having Books at Bedtime together.  Have a great week and not long now!

Love Mrs Heavingham


Click here for my Monday Message

Happy Friday.

I hope you have had a good week and have enjoyed the brighter weather. Hopefully the sun will continue to shine this weekend and you will be able to get outside and enjoy some lovely walks or bike rides.  Whatever you get up to enjoy yourself.smiley  Love Mrs.Heavingham

Click here to listen to the first instalment of our new class story.


Welcome Back Owls.  I hope you all had a fantastic half term holiday, cannot wait to here what you have been up to either in our phone calls this week or via the class email. 

Welcome to Block D, below is everything I hope you will need for the next 2 weeks, but if you should need any further help or would like to show what brilliant home learning you are doing please email me.

Have a great week and I will see you on Friday to reveal our new class story!

Click here for Monday 22nd February message.

Love Mrs.Heavingham



Block D Home Learning Guidance

Block D 2 Week Suggested Learning Timetable

Well done Owls you have made it to half term.smiley  Thank you for all your hard work and for sending me in some great work this half term.  I am very proud of all of you.  You should give yourselves a big pat on the back.  I hope you have a fantastic half term holiday and look forward to hearing your news on 22nd February.  

Click here to hear the final instalment of Space Oddity.   I hope you have enjoyed our class book.  Watch this space to find out what our new book will be after half term.

Love Mrs. Heavingham


Block C week 2.

Hello Owls

Hope you have had a good weekend.  Click here for my Monday message.

As it is the second week most of the resources you need are already uploaded.  But there are just a few additional activities you might like to take a look at below in the Week 2 additional activities.  Tomorrow, Tuesday 9th February is Safer Internet Day so please do try and watch the live lesson at 11am.  All the information is below.

Have a great last week of home learning before half term and please do send me in your work, especially if I have not heard from you yet.  I love receiving your emails - it is most definitely the best bit of my week.


Mrs. Heavingham


Happy Friday Owls!

Click here for Space Oddity.  

Hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend.

Love Mrs. Heavingham

Block C home learning.

(1/2/21 - 12/2/21)

Welcome to Block C of home learning, please click the link below for the Monday message and  also read the letter for more guidance.  If you need any help with any of the work or would like feedback then please email me on the class email.  Have a brilliant week.

Love Mrs Heavingham


Click here for 1st February Monday message


Letter for Block C week home learning guidance

Additional Activities Links


For the next installment of Space Oddity please click the link below.  If you missed the story last week scroll down to Week 1's story link.  Hope you have all had a good week. Enjoy your weekend.


   Click for  Week 2 story


Below is a link for our first class story of the term!

Have a lovely weekend.


Click for a story




We have had a fantastic day today, doing lots of fun activities.  We started the day making 3D Roman Centurions.  Then we wrote our names and a secret message in Latin on papyrus to represent a scroll.  Did you know there was no letter j in Latin so the Romans used i in its place. x and y were also represented by the same Latin letter.  We have also created Roman menus and created fish mosaics.  

Thank you parents for all your hard work creating fabulous costumes for the day.

WOW! Fireworks to introduce our new book in English

Pepper repelling finger experiment

Exploring buoyancy and water resistance with our recycled boats

Disappearing glass experiment in English

Body Percussion Workshop with Ollie

Investigating the relationship between mass in grams and weight in Newtons in science.


In English we are studying narrative using Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne.  At the moment we are looking at what we can infer about the text and supporting our ideas with evidence from the text.  We are also looking at using specific, precise and adventurous language.  We started our work by exploring leaves and where they might have come from.

Voices in the Park opener

How to stay safe online