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Welcome to Owls.

Science Week.


Exploding things!

Teaching Eggbert to swim!

Colour Splitting, Acid drawing and Investigating shadows

Tokes Farm Visit.

Today, we have had a fabulous day exploring habitats and looking for creatures in their natural environment.  We loved our trip.


Under Pressure - Divers

Together song

Listen to and sing along with 'Together,' the song we will be singing for Make Music Day on Monday 21st June.

Together song word sheet


We have had a fantastic day today, doing lots of fun activities.  We started the day making 3D Roman Centurions.  Then we wrote our names and a secret message in Latin on papyrus to represent a scroll.  Did you know there was no letter j in Latin so the Romans used i in its place. x and y were also represented by the same Latin letter.  We have also created Roman menus and created fish mosaics.  

Thank you parents for all your hard work creating fabulous costumes for the day.

WOW! Fireworks to introduce our new book in English

Pepper repelling finger experiment

Exploring buoyancy and water resistance with our recycled boats

Disappearing glass experiment in English

Body Percussion Workshop with Ollie

Investigating the relationship between mass in grams and weight in Newtons in science.


In English we are studying narrative using Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne.  At the moment we are looking at what we can infer about the text and supporting our ideas with evidence from the text.  We are also looking at using specific, precise and adventurous language.  We started our work by exploring leaves and where they might have come from.

Voices in the Park opener

How to stay safe online