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Welcome to Robins class!

I hope you all had a lovely break. This term our topic is Under the Sea.  I hope the children enjoy and are enthused by the learning ahead.  Below is a copy of the Spring term letter and curriculum which was also emailed to you.  As the term progresses, I will update this page so please do keep returning to take a look.  






Please see the below documents for information about this term.

Robins have been really enjoying some of the songs that we use to help aid our learning!

Here are some of the links so that you can have a listen at home if they want to:

Robins have been researching how a lighthouse works to help them with their instruction writing in English.

The year 2's in Robins have been learning about money in maths so far this half term. This has involved lots of fun activites such as making their own shop in the classroom and even paying a visit to Semley Shop to buy their teachers some chocolate (whilst calculating how much they could get and what their change would be):

RE: The lost son parable

Robins have been busy bees in Science the last couple of weeks! We have been testing which materials float, making our own boats out of tin foil and making our eggs go from sinking to floating:

Robins had to opportunity to take part in a scooters workshop this week. It was really fun:

Robins have started looking at a new book in English, it is called 'Toys in Space'. This week they made their very own aliens based on the story:

Everyone has been working very hard in Maths and Phonics this week!

Another very busy week in Robins! We started the week with a Science experiment, we investigated how different materials impacted how high a ball would bounce:

Robins had a special visitor in their History lesson this week! Mrs Merefield showed us some toys from when she was little. Robins got to ask her lots of questions and learnt about her toys and how they are different from their toys now:

Our English and Maths have been fun this week too! Robins acted out the story they have been reading in English. Then in Maths they were crocodiles learning greater than and less than:

In Science this week we have been looking at how stretchy different materials are:

We have had a busy couple of weeks in Robins so far! Here's some of what we've been up to:

In Science we have been learning about floating and sinking. Today we needed to use our knowledge to design and make a pirate ship that could carry the most treasure whilst still remaining afloat!

ART WEEK: to round off art week we had a very exciting session with Clementine making plaster cast paperweights. We loved this activity!

ART WEEK: Today we had a great afternoon printmaking with Penny Grist. We all printed an oak leaf and then stamped our wish for school on it.

ART WEEK: We made pirate hand puppets which we are all very proud of. We had already investigated puppets and designed our own, but today with the help of some additional adults we successfully made our puppets! Many thanks to those adults who helped today.

ART WEEK: Today we made clay flowers with Chloe Cardozo. We loved making and painting our designs.

ART WEEK: Today we had a magic lantern workshop with Briony. It linked beautifully with our topic on Pirates. We really enjoyed being art detectives and could also show off our knowledge on pirates too!

On Wednesday afternoon we enjoyed a very exciting visit from Sophie Kirtley the author. We were all very inspired!

In order to inspire Robins writing and support their History learning of pirates, today the children had great fun making pirate food! In groups they made their own Hardtack biscuits, however after cooking unfortunately some weevils got onto their biscuits!! In true pirate style they also needed some grog to dunk their biscuits in as they were very hard!

Today we have been using our pirate design and a template to cut out clothes and accessories for our pirate hand puppets. It was very exciting choosing the fabrics we wanted. Watch this space! Soon we will be sewing our puppets and adding their clothes!

Robins have been busy measuring and comparing mass

A visit from Rocky the 9 day old goat! What a great start to the summer term. He was very cute!

Internet Safety Talk by Richard - we are all digital heroes now.

Thursday was all about reactions - what happens and how and why it happens. We had great fun with bouncing eggs, volcanoes and exploding coke fountains!!

On Wednesday, we used some of the forces knowledge we gained in our circus workshop and our engineering skills to see which team could make the egg roll furthest.

On Tuesday, Robins explored how blubber keeps polar bears warm and helps them swim. We also tested out different items to try to free the bears from the ice fastest.

We had great fun in our circus skills Science workshop learning all about forces. What a great start to Science week

In computing, Robins used a specific computer skill to reproduce a style of Art and created Pointilism pictures. Take a look at a few examples and our inspiration.

Creating Abstract Art inspired by Glacier Crystal, Grindelwald by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

What a fantastic start to term. This morning we made clay penguins with Chloe Cardozo. Watch this space to see the finished results after firing!

And this afternoon, in Science, we investigated which material would be best to make an umbrella for Ted!

We had a visit from Tisbury Firefighters this morning. We were so excited. We learnt lots of facts and it was amazing!

We had great fun, with Para-Olympian Katrina Hart, doing our sponsored fitness circuit.

We had a visit from a lamb. He was very cute and soft!

Coram Life Visit. Today we had a visitor from Coram Life and we learnt about our wonderful body. We learnt about our organs and what we need to do to keep our bodies healthy.

We are learning computer skills.

Sorting Materials in Science

'Wheelie fun' - we avoided the rain and and had lots of fun to launch our topic on Travel and Transport and our first class book, Mrs. Armitage on Wheels. Take a look!