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Welcome to Robins class!

Firstly welcome back!  I hope you all had a lovely break.  This term our topic is Polar Explorers and I hope the children enjoy and are enthused by the learning ahead.  Below is a copy of the Spring term letter and curriculum which was also emailed to you.  As the term progresses, I will update this page so please do keep returning to take a look.  






Thursday was all about reactions - what happens and how and why it happens. We had great fun with bouncing eggs, volcanoes and exploding coke fountains!!

On Wednesday, we used some of the forces knowledge we gained in our circus workshop and our engineering skills to see which team could make the egg roll furthest.

On Tuesday, Robins explored how blubber keeps polar bears warm and helps them swim. We also tested out different items to try to free the bears from the ice fastest.

We had great fun in our circus skills Science workshop learning all about forces. What a great start to Science week

In computing, Robins used a specific computer skill to reproduce a style of Art and created Pointilism pictures. Take a look at a few examples and our inspiration.

Creating Abstract Art inspired by Glacier Crystal, Grindelwald by Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

What a fantastic start to term. This morning we made clay penguins with Chloe Cardozo. Watch this space to see the finished results after firing!

And this afternoon, in Science, we investigated which material would be best to make an umbrella for Ted!

We had a visit from Tisbury Firefighters this morning. We were so excited. We learnt lots of facts and it was amazing!

We had great fun, with Para-Olympian Katrina Hart, doing our sponsored fitness circuit.

We had a visit from a lamb. He was very cute and soft!

Coram Life Visit. Today we had a visitor from Coram Life and we learnt about our wonderful body. We learnt about our organs and what we need to do to keep our bodies healthy.

We are learning computer skills.

Sorting Materials in Science

'Wheelie fun' - we avoided the rain and and had lots of fun to launch our topic on Travel and Transport and our first class book, Mrs. Armitage on Wheels. Take a look!

Today Robins class were Geographers and we went on a fieldwork walk to map Semley Village.

The Year 1's, with the help of Kites, did some beautiful Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Art.

In Science, we have been planting seeds as part of our work on plants.

Seed planting the wild flower meadow

Science Week.

We have had great fun in Science week.  Not only have the children enjoyed all the experiments, but there has been some excellent thinking too. They have been doing lots of predicting, problem solving and deciding what they would do differently when things have not quite gone to plan, plus applying their scientific knowledge. There has also been lots of team work, cooperation and patience needed. Robins class is full of budding future scientists!

Making bridges using pasta and play dough - this proved tricky!

Tin foil boats that will carry the most coins

Building the tallest tower using paper and masking tape

We had a fantastic Magic Lantern Workshop this morning with Briony Brickell. The children were very enthusiastic and enthralled.

Robins Trip to the Sea Life Centre

In order to support our learning on Under the Sea, we went to the Sea Life Centre in Weymouth.  The children were enthusiastic, interested and  beautifully behaved.  We had a brilliant time exploring all the exhibits and using our knowledge.  Take a look at the pictures below.

We had a great time in our Tae Kwon Do taster session today!

What a great day we have had today.  This morning, in groups, we made our own salt dough which we used to cut out the 7 continents, using templates. Once they have dried, we hope to turn them into mobiles - watch this space!

This afternoon, in order to support our Science learning, we did some practical activities sorting sea creatures using our own criteria.  We also did some story telling and decorated the playground with sea creatures too.  We had lots of fun.  Take a look at the pictures below.

Sorting sea creatures and story telling

In Art, we decoupaged our very own Rainbow fish. We added glitter so they shimmered just like the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.

All ready in our costumes for Prickly Hay. We were fantastic and loved doing our performances. We hope you enjoyed it too.

We had a surprise today - A visit from a fire engine. It was great and we learnt alot.

We have been investigating forces, energy and friction in Science using our pull back cars

We have been learning to program Beebots in Computing.

How to stay safe online