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Our Governors

We are a board of 10 dedicated individuals comprising members of the school community, church, staff and parents. Achieving the best possible experiences and outcomes for all children at Semley School lies at the heart of what we do and is our guiding principle in all our decisions.  Along with the headteacher, we set the strategic vision of the school, ensure the finances are well managed, the curriculum is delivered, performance and progress is monitored, the best staff are recruited, the Christian ethos is upheld, policies are approved and the buildings are looked after.


We have full governing body meetings twice a term and all governors serve on at least one of the three sub committees which also meet six times a year – these are:

1. Finance - This committee monitors the school’s budget and the impact of the school’s use of Pupil Premium, COVID-Catch-Up and Sports funding.  The Chair of this committee is Briony Brickell.


2. Curriculum, Staffing and Admissions  - This committee reviews the school’s progress with the teaching and learning action plan and all matters to do with the content and delivery of the curriculum.  This committee keeps a watching brief on assessment, and the outcomes for students in national assessments as well as staffing and wellbeing.  The Chair of this committee is Molly Swann.


3. Premises - This committee reviews the school’s provision for the safety, in all senses, of the staff and pupils.  This committee looks at the physical aspects of the school and Health and Safety issues.  The chair of this committee is Antony Pinsent.


Governors bring to the role a wide range of skills, backgrounds and interests. We know the school well, visit regularly and attend training sessions to keep up to date with the ever changing world of education.  As a body, to approve the longer term development planning of the school and to monitor the realisation of those plans in the day to day workings of the school and in the outcomes for pupils, parents, staff and the local community.  We check that the school meets the requirements set by the Department for Education, the Local Authority and Health and Safety Executive


The governors are allocated different responsibilities; all are linked to a particular class, and some governors have other areas of responsibility such as for a curriculum subject, Special Educational Needs or Safeguarding. Governors visit their link classes whenever possible, helping out and getting to know the children. Through meetings with the headteacher, staff and pupils, governors monitor the school’s performance and its school improvement programme.


We have a clerk to assist us in setting agendas, taking minutes and ensuring that the Governing Board fulfils all its statutory duties. If you would like to contact any of the governors please do so through the school office.


Briony Brickell

Chair of Governors


Please note that the governing body of Semley CE VA Primary School will provide a paper copy of any information published on the website without charge.

Governor Profiles 


Briony Brickell – LA Governor (Chair of Governors)

Date of Appointment: October 2020 serving until October 2024

Committees: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions, & Finance (Chair), Pay Panel

Responsibility: Safeguarding, Maths

Business and Percuniary Interests: None

I am the LA governor  as well as a parent with a child in Owls. I studied History of Art and work as an education consultant for art galleries and museums. I have previously been a community governor in a school for children with special educational needs.


Molly Swann – Foundation Governor  (Vice Chair of Governors)

Date of Appointment: June 2021 serving until June 2025

Committees: Curriculum, Staffing and Admissions (Chair), Finance, Pay Panel

Responsibilities:  English, GDPR

Business and Pecuniary Interests: None

am a Foundation governor.  I read English Literature at university, and my background is in advertising and media.  I love Semley School and taking an active part in its governance.


Abi Carlyle-Clarke – Ex-officio (Headteacher)

Date of Appointment: April 2022

Committee Responsibilities: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions, Premises, Finance

Business and Pecuniary Interests: Chair of Governors at Six Penny Handley First School


Rev Kate McFarlane – Ex-officio 

Date of Appointment: November 2021

Business and Pecuniary Interests: None

I moved to Semley in 2021 to become Rector of St Bartholomew’s Benefice. My background is in school chaplaincy, youth and retreat work.

My husband Stephen teaches at, and my two sons attend, Shaftesbury School.


Rosie Miles – Staff Governor (Science & Computing Curriculum Lead)

Date of Appointment: September 2023 serving until Septmeber 2024

Business and Pecuniary Interests: None


Chloe Cardozo – Parent Governor

Date of Appointment: June 2021 serving until June 2025

Committee: Premises

Business and Pecuniary Interests: None

I studied Chemistry at university and studied fine art in Seville (Spain) university. I went to Semley myself and have four children either at or having been at Semley. I love to help out with art projects. We feel lucky to have a small local school with incredibly committed staff where my children have made life long friendships.


Sue Dawson – Foundation Governor

Date of Appointment: November 2021 serving until November 2025

Committee: Finance, Pay Panel

Business and Pecuniary Interests: None

I have lived in East Knoyle for more than thirty years; have taught in maintained and, sometimes, independent schools for nearly forty years, and have two adult sons who were educated nearby.


Harriet Egerton – Foundation Governor

Date of Appointment: November 2021 serving until November 2025

Committee: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions

Responsibilities: SEN, Pupil Premium & Disadvantaged Learners

Business and Pecuniary Interests: None

I live in Semley and my three daughters attended Semley school. Having studied Agriculture at university, I then worked in property. I am delighted to be rejoining the board as a foundation governor and am much looking forward to reacquainting myself with the whole community here.


Antony Pinsent - Foundation Governor

Date of Appointment: July 2023 serving until July 2027

Committee: Finance & Premises (Chair)

Responsibilities: Health & Safety

Business and Pecuniary Interests: Member of St Leonard's Church PCC

My wife Clare and I moved from the Wylye Valley to Semley in 2016.  We have two granddaughters at the school.  I am retired from a career in aerospace insurance and am now involved in a variety of local activities, including the PCC.


Shonagh Symington – Foundation Governor

Date of Appointment: October 2020 serving until October 2024

Committee: Premises

Having lived in Portugal for eighteen years, we recently moved back to England and are now living in Semley, which I love. I have two teenage daughters. Volunteering in the village stores has given me a great sense of community and I'm looking forward to being part of Semley Primary School.


James Watson – Parent Governor

Date of Appointment: February 2023 serving until February 2027

Committees: Curriculum, Staffing & Admissions, Premises, Finance


Clerk to the Governors - Theresa Merefield


Governors can be contacted via the Clerk at: 

Semley CE VA Primary School