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Semley CE VA Primary School

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Visions and Values




Rooted and Growing in Love:

A culture of kindness in which all can flourish.

(Ephesians 3 & 4)


At Semley School we seek to offer an inspiring environment. Grounded by our vision of God's nurturing love, our children are encouraged to be confident in their own worth and to respond by respecting and caring for others, choosing to be the person who makes a difference while enjoying their learning and achieving their full potential.






'Respect' represents the Christian values of love, kindness, and service to God and to others.


'Aspiration' represents the message of Jesus to go out into the world and make the best of the gifts we have been given and to use them for good.


'Adventure'  encourages children to challenge themselves and not to be afraid, knowing that God is with them.


'Wonder' represents the unfathomable, the unknowable and the spirit of God within us and around us.


Semley Church of England School aims to be:

  • A safe and stable place where children can develop self respect based on truth and acceptance.
  • A place where children secure in their own identity learn tolerance and respect for others

Building on this stable foundation we aim to:

  • Inspire children with a sense of adventure and the courage to take risks;
  • Encourage high aspirations and, through high quality teaching and learning, equip them with the tools to achieve their aspirations;
  • Value the range and depth of individual abilities, knowledge and skills and provide a curriculum that allows for many kinds of learning;
  • To encourage children to question, investigate and appreciate the world around them; to teach them to be receptive and curious about the wonder of everyday things.


We recognize and value the shared responsibility we have for the children of Semley School. We aim to work with others; parents, friends, supporting agencies and those who contribute to children's time outside school, in a spirit of mutual respect and trust, for the benefit of children.

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